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  • Changelog 0.94

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    New Features

    - Account Customization,

    - Progress save for iOS devices.

    New Content

    - Extra bonuses for every 5 waves in Dungeon Run,

    - Lore Arts: Phoenix Fury, Belt of Endurance, Silver Elemental Ring. Seraph’s Augment,

    - Versus Shouts: Sinister Lich, Tristan, Gozu, Archdruid, Ursan,

    - New Champion: Fara, of the Furious Claws

    - New Battle Card: Savage Talons

    - Ability Icons: Tharcann

    - Cooldown info added to ability description


    - New interface design for Dungeon Run,

    - Battle Speed Control x2,

    - Additional info and buttons for Battle Cards:

    a) card limit info,

    b) button that allows to unequip all cards at once,

    c) improved portrayal of power and focus info,


    - Following changes to shard pools were made:

    a) G1E - Skeleton Maniac Removed

    b) G1G - Bonelord removed, Skeleton Maniac added

    c) E1E - Vaila removed, Ursan added

    d) E1G - Tristan removed, Invictus added

    e) G1AH - Tristan removed

    f) G1DH - Bonelord added

    g) E1AH - Vaila added

    h) E1CH - Fara added

    i) E1DH - Invictus removed, Tristan added

    - Vaila's focus changed to Finesse (from Might)


    - Battle_Limit_Exceeded error on hard battles,

    - Gold amount not displaying correctly,

    - Empty bookmarks on champion filters,

    - Riposte soft locking the game,

    - Swapping cards on epic/legendary limit,

    - Achievements popping up as quests completed,

    - Mana not refreshing on Dungeon Run UI,

    -Inactive button in Dungeon Run UI, even if you have enough mana,

    - Siegward's healing animation issues,

    - Unshaken special ability inflicting effects in wrong order,

    - No loot dropping from Unshaken in Campaign,

    - No info when you want to enter a battle with no mana,

    - Health bar does not disappear when champion dies on auto,

    - Legion’s leader ability not working in Dungeon Run,

    - Marksman and Footman got more appropriate Avalonian tags instead of Seraphim,

    - Archdruid’s leader Ability not disappearing on death