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  • Changelog 0.93

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    New Features

    - Dungeon Run; prototype of the endless gamemode, unlocked at level 10,

    - Google Play Games authentication; save your progress on Android devices in Options menu,

    - Announcement popups,

    New Content

    - Ability Icons: Forgotten Queen, Nightwalker, Skeleton Knight,

    - Lore Arts: Thundercrusher 2000, Purity Breeze, Dragonslayer Sword, Codex Rune,

    - Lore Description: Merchant's Greed, Potion of Eternity, Elemental Nexus, Belt of Endurance, Phoenix Fury, Codex Rune, Purity Breeze.


    - Changed requirements for some Quests; no more impossible tasks (ex. Arena-related quests),

    - Added info when you have no more training runes or you can't level up champions,

    - Not-so-new, but still better texture for Hilde's shield,

    - Improved navigation in Equip Cards screen,

    - Tweaked Aetherstone Guardian's basic ability animation,

    - Changed font color in ability tooltips,

    - Improved displaying chapters in Sinners campaign,

    - Fixed translation misprints in flavor, currencies and cards,

    - Deleted misleading 'Go' button from "Promote 1 Champion" Quest.


    - Outdated Client issue,

    - Aetherstone Guardian's basic ability soft locking the game,

    - Stats on battle cards changing in a random manner,

    - Death by poison soft locking the game,

    - 'Wrong_player_squad' error in G1B when teaming up other than tutorial champions,

    - 'Not_Enough_Items' error when melting cards,

    - In E1E battle getting info on Elicard being lvl 1, but in fact he's lvl 10,

    - Swap Card popup couldn't be closed by clicking outside the window,

    - Achievements counting progress in a wrong way,

    - Merchant's icon glowing after collecting all gifts,

    - Switching champions with Quest Completed popup opened,

    - Some Quests that required slaying specific (tags) champions not working,

    - Daily Rewards not working,

    - Mana refill limit not reseting after midnight,

    - Dragonslayer Sword card art not displaying correctly,

    - Some popup notifications displaying only in menu, - Labels in cutscene G1G.