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  • Update Highlights 0.99

    Greetings Champions!

    Update 0.99 is here with new features and improvements for you to enjoy! New Quests, Action Queue, Player Avatars are only some of the new content that has been added. Check out the notes below to learn more:


    The quests have gone through major changes and now include new missions for you to complete, as well as the new UI design. You can view there 3 different categories of Quests that are available at a given point and time. These categories include General Quests, Brawl Quests, and Dungeon Run Quests. Each set is different, and we hope that this will help you to get a better track of quests you will want to complete.


    Turn order in which the Champions move has been so far reflected by the Speed Meter (the fuller the meter of a given Champion was, the likelier he was to take a turn next). However, this hasn’t been intuitive enough and we completely understand that. That is why, with the Update 0.99, we would like to introduce you with the Action Queue, which will inform you on what’s the Champions’ turn order (3 moves in advance). The Queue is displayed on the left hand side and you will be able to toggle it on or off from the main menu settings window (gear icon).


    We hope you like the challenge of unlocking certain Player Avatars and choosing between them to display on your profile. If so, then you should be glad to hear that we have now added several brand new Player Avatars, with each including special requirements for you to meet. We are interested to see which one will become the most popular!


    Fate Coins have animations and new graphic designs, that’s more appropriate to a given faction they reflect upon. Apart from that, now you will also be able to see the opponent’s Fate Coin under his nickname bar from the in-battle-view in Brawl mode. The more information you have on the opponent, the better strategic moves you can take, and we hope for no less than that.

    Please Note

    The Update 0.99 is planned to roll out on 27.05.20, so be sure to follow us when this happens - discord, facebook, twitter. We hope you will enjoy the new features and improvements!

    If you haven’t already, join BattleRise Alpha now at


    New Features

    - New Quests,

    - Action Queue,

    - New Player Avatars.


    - New UI for Quests,

    - Player Avatar’s frame highlights the progress made in Brawl,

    - Graphic designs for Fate Coins,

    - Opponent’s Fate Coin displays in Brawl’s battle-view.


    - The game will no longer reset in the event of desynchronization of the amount of currency, Battle Cards or Champion shards between the client and server.