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  • Update Highlights 0.98

    Greetings Champions!

    Update 0.98 approaches, and we have another batch of features and improvements for you to enjoy! From re-enabling the Brawl mode with new UI design to features like Fate Coins and Warp Stones, we are looking to further increase the overall experience for all of you. Check out the notes below to learn more:

    BRAWL - New Design

    Click image for larger version

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    The Brawl mode will be re-enabled with a brand new UI design. The reasoning behind was to not only make it more clear to read and fluid to navigate around, but also suitable for the Fate Coins feature.


    Click image for larger version

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    In Brawl mode, Fate Coins will allow players to choose specific bonuses for their team’s statistics. Currently, there are three categories of Fate Coins to choose from - Redeemed, Sinners, and Nightwalkers. Each Fate Coin varies with different offensive and defensive bonuses, which you can strategically use to attack or defend with your team in Brawl!

    Warp Stones

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    In Dungeon Run mode, Warp Stones will allow players to skip the Gold Stages (highlighted with gold frame and glowing in red) that were completed earlier and continue play from the chosen stage. Using Warp Stones is only possible at the start of a given Run and any skipped stages will not provide rewards or ranking points, but will offer as many selectable bonuses as many Gold Stages were skipped. Each skipped Gold Stage costs one Warpstone and you can obtain them by completing Gold Stages yourself or by refreshing your Mana with Magic Crystals.

    New Battle Cards

    Click image for larger version

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    There are 5 new Battle Cards coming in the next update - Scarecrow, Shield of Darkness, Dungeon Master, Lux Perpetua, and Griffin Care. These will certainly add a bit of spice to the possible strategies that you can make! For now it should be suffice to present you with the above image that respectively reveals arts for Lux Perpetua, Shield of Darkness, and Griffin Care.

    The Update 0.98 is planned to roll out early next week, so be sure to follow us when this happens - discord, facebook, twitter. We hope you will enjoy the new content and features!

    If you haven’t already, join BattleRise Alpha now at