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  • Changelog 0.97.0

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    New Features

    - New design for Dungeon Run mode

    - Battle Pass

    - Shard Packs, new system for shards distribution in Dungeon Run, Battle Pass and Merchant Store

    New Content

    - New Battle Cards: Mimic, Born in Hell, Ancient Past, Skullcrasher, Jester, Music of Soul, Sea Stories, Medic Heal Thyself, Opulence, Forgotten Terror, The Peeper, Enchanted Ciruass

    - New design for dialog system in Campaign

    - New skill icons for Sybil, Ryker, Fara, Legion

    - New model for Archdruid


    - Added visual bars to all Shards when receiving

    - Added an animated version of Merchant

    - Added a cursor pointing to "basic" after entering the store for the first time

    - Replaced the splash battle with a dungeon battle

    - Improved Battle Card display

    - new UI for Merchant Store

    Balance Changes

    - Elicards's skill Cease the Contract doesn't apply Speed Down

    - Lifebringer and Unshaken will drop now only in Dungeon Run mode

    - Decreased Champion Shards drop rate in Campaign mode

    - Change of specialization mechanics for Battle Cards