Greetings Champions,

The goal of this forum is to create a community for players to keep them updated on BattleRise: Kingdom of Champions, allow them to share feedback, and help them with any game-related matters.

Our forum moderators monitor posts. Breaking the rules will result in sanctions or bans being applied to the forum account.

Dos And Don'ts

Here's a breakdown of what to do and what not to do here.


-This forum is dedicated to BatlleRise: Kingdom of Champions, so post here only if it’s game-related.

-Check the section you're posting in beforehand and post in the right place. If you post in the wrong place your forum post may be moved or removed.

-Use the search feature to check whether there's already a thread for your query. If there is, use it instead of making a new one.

-Be descriptive in naming your thread. Provide as many details as you can so everyone can help you quickly and efficiently.

-Post with context according to the given thread in a polite and kind manner whereas respecting others with different opinions or beliefs.

-Keep track of your thread by subscribing to the thread or using bookmarks.


-Don’t post personal information as these can be viewed by anyone and can show up in search engine results. Protect the privacy of yourself and others.

-Don’t be rude or inappropriate and don’t bully, curse or swear - all of it is against the forum rules. Using special symbols or other means to try to hide such behavior is also forbidden.

-Don’t undermine other users’ origin, appearance, age, sex, sexual orientation, or religion in any way. Treat others and yourself with respect.

-Don’t make petition or boycott discussions. If such need would occur to you, please provide constructive arguments that can benefit the well-being of game and/ or its community.

-Don’t post about any means related to cheating in game. It is strictly forbidden to share similar services and as such may force the law acts be taken against you.

-Don’t post disruptive numbers of messages and don’t bump multiple threads in a short period of time. This is considered spamming and it is strictly forbidden.

-Don’t post anything related to pay-to-play gaming sites, products for sale, referral links, or other things of advertising nature. This is considered hurtful behavior and it is strictly forbidden.

Please Note:
If you spot any behavior that’s against the above rules please contact SD_Invictus via and provide details of such misbehavior as well as the ID of “shameful” user.