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Developer Diary - 27/11/19

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  • Developer Diary - 27/11/19

    Greetings Champions,

    Today we would like to share with you bits and pieces on where we are at with BattleRise development and what do we plan to do in the near future.

    Before we share our master plans however, we also think it important to let you know our thoughts on the current state of things in BattleRise: Kingdom of Champions Alpha.

    We are aware that after completing the first two chapters of Campaign mode, some of you may find no incentive to play further. We completely understand those feelings and for that very reason, to enhance the gameplay experience, we planned and added the Dungeon Run mode, as well as other ones that we currently work on.

    Since the Dungeon Run mode was added, we kept receiving positive feedback and suggestions toward minor changes - we love that and ideally, we would like to receive more of it! Dungeon Run was and is meant to provide you with different challenges and opportunities to level up your champions while participating in the Alpha version. We also received positive opinions regarding the recently implemented Buffs. We love to hear that you enjoy similar features, while it is always in our minds to make the game more and more readable for you.

    As for the current plans & works, we are at the stage of completing the missing artworks for Battle Cards and Lore Arts, so that they can emphasize on the game world and tell you more of its stories.

    Among collecting the Battle Cards, both your and our goal should be to expand the collection of BattleRise Champions. Fara was one of many to empower the War-Torn Realms of Aos, so it’s likewise to expect others to appear in the bright future.

    We plan and work toward implementing the PvP Arena, which is a game mode that will give you ability to challenge and battle each other, while appropriately reward you for the results achieved. The latter may turn out to be a pleasant surprise, especially when looking at the long term perspective of BattleRise: Kingdom of Champions.

    The War-Torn Realms welcome you Champion, always!

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