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Developer Diary - 08/04/20

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  • Developer Diary - 08/04/20

    Greetings Champions,

    Today we would like to talk about the behind scene controversy, as well as introduce you to Robert, our head designer, who is a man responsible for creating and applying almost all ideas to the game.

    How things work at Triumph Workshops

    Everything that ends up in the game either goes out of Robert or through him. Robert’s job is to make schemes and ideas and convert them to reality often with the help of our programming and art team members. That’s why our colleague must be vocal about the game-related things, which sometimes take form of the strong discussion, shall we say, but always for the benefit of the game.

    The reasoning behind

    Since our game is closer than before to its official release, our designers continuously tests and analyze the player experience. Recently the topic of “unique selling point” was brought up, what caused several questions to the team. Our Game Director and Robert argued that without the game’s IP being widespread, we should put all our efforts into highlighting the best possible gameplay for the players.

    What actually happened

    For the current state, the game offers three modes: Campaign (storyline with battles to complete), Brawl (PvP arena), and Dungeon Run (endless mode where the further you get the tougher the enemies will become and the greater rewards you will get). Out of those three, as you probably might guess, Dungeon Run is the mode offering the most potential. So the negotiations were short and our team was tasked with re-designing the mode completely, including changing its interface and reward system. The new design for Dungeon Run, which to most of you will be the first version you’ll ever see, is described in more detail at, so go ahead and read it to learn more about.

    You are invited!

    However, it is up to you dear Champions to tell us whether our thinking was spot on and whether you like BattleRise as it is. Robert and all of us would love to hear what you make out of it, so you may do so either in the comments below or on our discord

    If you haven’t played BattleRise: Kingdom of Champions yet, then sign up for Alpha now at:

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