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    Suggestion 12

    Characters which has leader ability should have it mentioned in subacribe next after tank, attacker, healer etc rang. And ofc there should be an option to sort by this ability in champions menu.
    With the increased amount of characters in game it can be really hard to find who has leader ability.


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      Suggestion 13

      Building a community around BR needs people to be active on your forum and Discord server or at least being registered there. Maybe the should be some onetime prize for doing this 2 joinings like some gold or some shards.


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        Suggestion 12

        Tap on players avatar or experience bar should open a window with players stats.
        For ex.
        Completed campains, arena rank, DR record, collected characters etc.


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          "Suggestion 8-14" - noted, thank you for your feedback!


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            Hi there,

            First of, I enjoy the game very much. Keep up the good work!

            A few comments/suggestions/bugs below. Nothing revolutionary: I am pretty sure you have already thought of them or most of them on your to-do-list:
            - the main thing I am dissatisfied with is the mana system. Imo, it is an outdated mechanic, which spoils the player’s experience and doesn’t fit this kind of game anyway. I don’t see the need for you to have a player base connecting every 6 hours. Daily/weekly rewards + ladder + guild + daily/weekly missions should be sufficient to bring the players back to the game and keep a healthy player base. The mana pool system also generates player’s fatigue and frustration, as many lose interest in a game when they miss out on the grind for a few hours/days. Besides, this kind of super pushy mechanics impact players’ life in an irresponsible way for competitive players (the game literally invades your life as you go to sleep/wake up/work/study with the constant thought of your mana pool needed to be used).
            - Of course, the same criticism applies to the 4 hour timer on the merchant (daily rotation with larger pool of potential purchases should be sufficient).
            - Rename “Battle cards” as “Items” (to avoid the confusion with CCTGs).
            - Create a button to remove all battle cards at once from one champion
            - Create a button to remove all battle cards at once from all champions
            - Filter of battle cards by “Focus” showing only 3 focuses on tablet (I have the 4 on the phone app)
            - Battle card: picture missing on Seraph augment and assassin’s mercy
            - Picture missing on Archdruid champion
            - Introducing the mechanic to delay an action (maybe at the cost of 25% or 33% or your action bar) would make the game more strategic
            - Room to improve the UI, by showing some data when hovering over an action (for example, the damage to be dealt, the damage reduction, the health after the action…)
            - Number of shards needed to promote a champion increases when the rarity of the champion decreases: this is a bit counter intuitive to me.
            - The focus of a champion could be visible from the champion page (and not only on the equip battle cards page)
            - Additional filters/sorting options could be added to the champions page (for example between redeemed and sinners)
            - When it comes to combat, the game looks fairly balanced given that it is still in alpha. The main mechanic I dislike is the ability block, especially for Bonelord (too powerful as an AoE skill). This is a very frustrating debuf that spoils the player’s experience imo and should be treaded lightly.
            - Animations for magic damage and physical damage could be visually different
            - Difference between leader abilities and passive is not easy to understand.

            Of course, these are just a few ideas thrown here. I am sure you have plenty more you are working on.

            Thanks for this very promising game and the good time trying it!


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              All suggestions/ comments/ bugs - noted, thank you for your feedback!