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    Greetings Champions,

    Today we would like to talk about BattlePass, the feature that unveiled in our latest update 0.97.0.

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    The mechanics are plain and simple, you generally earn stars for winning. Every gained star means that you get a specific reward. The further you get the better rewards you will receive and you can collect them anytime you like.

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    After the season finishes, you will automatically receive whatever reward you have gained in the given period, so you never risk losing of uncollected rewards that you have gained.

    Battle Pass applies to all playable modes, so by playing and winning in Dungeon Run, Brawl and Campaign mode you will earn the stars. The amount of how many stars you gain is determined by the following:

    - In Dungeon Run, you will gain one star for each winning stage.

    - In Brawl, you will gain one star for each defeated champion from the opposing team (max. 5 stars) and an additional star if all your champions survives.

    - In Campaign, you may gain up to three stars for one battle if all your champions will survive. Bear in mind that it only possible once to gain max. three stars per battle, regardless of your number of attempts.

    All the possible rewards to be gained in BattlePass include:

    Champion Shards (ranging from basic to special packs), Magic Crystals, Gold, Battle Cards, Singularity (to craft Battle Cards), Training Runes, and Mana.

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    Good luck on earning as many stars and rewards as you can Champions!