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  • Archdruid

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Name:	Tło Leśne duże.png
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ID:	102

    Name: Archdruid

    Alignment: Verdant Offspring

    Role: Support

    Verdant supporter who slows down enemies.

    Basic: Entangling Roots

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Name:	1.png
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ID:	103

    Text: Deal Magical Damage to a single target and inflict Speed Down for 2 turns.

    Special: Something Ends, Something Begins

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Name:	Archdruid_SomethingEndsSomethingBeginss-rev01.png
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ID:	104

    Text: Grant your champions Debuff Dispel and Debuff Immunity for 3 turns. Increase Cooldowns of all enemy abilities by 1.

    Leader: Verdant Revenge

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Name:	Archdruid_VerdantRevenge-rev01.png
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ID:	105

    Text: At the start of battle wave, increase Rush Meter of your Verdant Offspring champions by 20% and decrease Speed of all enemies by 10%. No effect if Archdruid is defeated.


    In the great lands of Athicrann froest, there are arcanes of magic capable of reincarnating the verdant spirits. Those who harness that power become powerful wizards who may then further guide the elven souls. Archdruid in particular proved to be the master of those arcens, as when the dark forces invaded his homelands, he was one of the few capable of holding the line.