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Name: Born in Hell

Stats: +6 Speed / +66 Damage

Trivia: Demon’s Heat

In the veins of pure, unsullied demons, flows a truly fiery blood. Fire is both their blessing and curse. Without it, they would be nothing but a meagre pile of rocks. As they are though, any possible wieldery of fiery magic is at their nod of fingertips.

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Name: Mimic

Stats: +5 Resistance / +33 Damage

Trivia: Daredevils' Devourer

Travelers and treasure hunters are deemed to walk into various traps within their adventures. To the most deadly menaces out there, one can can reckon mimics, creatures summoned with the malicious magic. Apart from lurking and being completely unpredictable, mimics can also literally feed upon those lured by the desire to seize gold and riches.

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Name: Jester

Stats: +40 Speed / +30 Critical Chance / +13 Damage

Trivia: Price of Reign

It is truly ironic that the most powerful rulers do not really hold all the power, as they generally may think. A history has marked many cases when the servants, right hands and other friends to the crown did use trickery and dark magic to influence the choices of the kingdoms’ rulers. Influence in such a way, that only themselves may bury the secrets of what actually happened.